Q. Why can’t I find any available dates?

A. Our booking calendar is currently open through 1/6/2025.  We are a 2-night minimum during the week, and a 3-night minimum on the weekends.  We only make exceptions to the minimum stay requirement if it's all our calendar will allow.  If your preferred dates are fully booked, we would be happy to add you to our waitlist!  Drop us a note via the contact us tab with your preferred dates and dome (if need)!

Q. How do I book a dome?

A. Enter your preferred dates and number of adult guests on our homepage.  The system will automatically show you which domes are available for those dates.  If no domes appear, then we are fully booked for those dates.  You can view any dome's availability calendar under the "Availability Overview" tab. If you need more help, please contact us directly via the Contact Us tab and we will be delighted to assist you personally with any of your needs!

Q. How many people can stay in each dome?

A. Our domes can accommodate 2 adults and 2 kids. Should your party have more than 2 adults, you will need to book an additional dome(s). Each dome has a king size bed and a CordaRoy Bean Bag that opens to a queen size floor mattress (CordaRoy).  

Q. What times are check-in and check-out?

A. Check-in is 4pm. Check-out is 10am.

Q. Are you pet friendly?

A. No. We have a strict no pets policy.

Q. How are the roads to Glamp Blue Ridge?

A. The roads into GBR are partially paved and partially gravel, and while mostly flat they do have a few short steep portions. The gravel portion does have some potholes as well. We recommend an SUV if available, but you can absolutely make it here in a 2WD sedan, just take your time.  There is a back way in as well where the roads are better, feel free to shoot us a note for those directions.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. 96% of paid prepayments refundable when canceled 60 days before arrival or earlier.

     46% of paid prepayments refundable when canceled 31 days before arrival or earlier.

      0% refundable if canceled after

We HIGHLY recommend trip insurance as we are unable to cancel or rebook your stay for ANY reason. We are happy to recommend a reputable trip insurance company if you need assistance.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We directly border Fall Branch Falls in Cherry Log, GA. We are easily found via Google Maps. Additionally, you will be sent detailed driving directions and check-in instructions 3 days before your arrival.

Q. Can I arrive at night?

A. We recommend arriving before dusk, but check-in at night is available. Please take time to review our site map and check-in instructions before arrival, or better yet take a screenshot of them!

Q. Do you have an Electric Car Charger?

A. Yes! We just added a universal Tesla EV Charger.  This is located in the upper parking area on the back of the shipping container.  Please see our site map for details.

Q. Do you provide firewood?

A. Yes!  There are two firewood racks by the lower parking area, and two additional firewood racks by our shipping container between domes 2 and 3.  Each deck has a covered firewood rack as well for additional wood storage.  We also provide two fire starters in each gift bag.  If you've never built a fire before, it may be a good idea to check out a video on How To Start A Fire and bring a few extra fire starters or a fire log just in case!

Q. Do you have internet?

A. Yes, we have StarLink internet throughout the entire glampsite. It is fast enough to stream movies and take video calls. However, the satellites do move, and you may occasionally experience some latency issues.  PRO TIP:  We recommend putting your cellphone on airplane mode and wi-fi turned on.  

Q. What are the food options?

A. Please see the food options for Glamp Blue Ridge below:

  • Bring your food with you. Each dome has a full kitchen minus an oven (we do have a toaster over though) as well as an outdoor Blackstone grill (propane provided)! There are grocery stores 20 minutes from Glamp Blue Ridge.
  • Delivery Service - you can use a company called Ridge Runner to deliver food. Although, the service is slow and unfortunately not always 100% reliable.
  • Eat Out! There are lots of great restaurants in the area. Please see our welcome book on the website for recommendations.
  • Use Pampered Mountain Getaways! This company is listed in the welcome book on our website and will pre-stock your refrigerator with any items of your choosing. They offer lots of other great services as well!

Q. What's the wildlife situation like at Glamp Blue Ridge?  Am I going to see a bear?

A. Bears do exist in Blue Ridge, but they do not like to be around people.  In our two years of building, and countless nights spent at the domes, we have never seen a bear.  We do take precautions though.  We have bearproof trash boxes for all trash throughout the glampsite, and we provide bear spray (found under your sink) in each dome.  

Q. Are any of the domes handicap or wheelchair accessible?

A. Dome 7 (Amelia) has parking directly next to the dome, but you will need to be able to walk down a flight of about 8 stairs. Dome 4 (Milo) is our only wheelchair-friendly accommodation. There is a small gravel hill from the parking up to Dome 4, and the deck is accessible with no stairs. While Dome 4 is wheelchair-accessible, we regret to inform you that the shower door width is not wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

Q. I don’t see the answer to my question here, how do I get more help?

A. Please contact us with any and all questions via the Contact Us tab! We are very responsive and typically can reply in under an hour.