Glamp Blue Ridge


Please visit the Availability Overview Tab to check each dome's availabilty calendar.

We are a 2-night minimum during the week and a 3-night minimum on weekends.  Shorter stays are allowed if it is all our calendar will allow.

Dates not available? We are happy to add you to our waitlist.  Please drop us a note via the contact us tab with your preferred dates!

What is Glamp Blue Ridge?

We are 7 domes perched 100 feet away from Fall Branch Falls in Cherry Log, GA (that’s right, domes on a waterfall). Each dome has everything you need to live your best and coziest glamping life. They each have AC/heat, king size beds, full kitchen (no oven - but you get a dishwasher), custom shower, vintage dressing vanity (because of course), toilet with heated seat and bidet, hot tub, fire pit, Blackstone grill, and 20-foot front window and moonroof. All perched on a 40-foot deck.

Every dome has a different design and vibe.  From Betty in her all white glory to Amelia living her best spacey gold life. 

The property lights up at night!

When the sun goes away the lights come out. What good is a waterfall that you can’t see at night? Well, the sound is majestic and serene, but that wasn't enough for us. We lit it up. And we added firefly lights throughout the forest to give it a fairytale glow. Our pathways are all lit right down to the community firepit and the two-level treeweave (you'll have to see it to get it).

What is glamping?

Its like camping, but more glamorous. 

Glamping is all about making your camping experience comfy and luxurious. Electricity, plush blankets, running water, mood lighting, scrumptious meals — all these creature comforts and more are what make glamping an ideal way to get out into nature without giving up all of the things that you love to do it. 

About the area.

Fall Branch Falls is a popular tourist destination 20 minutes from downtown Blue Ridge. The Glamp Blue Ridge property is 25 acres and borders the falls on the west side. Directly across from the falls is the Chattahoochee National Forest. You can hop right onto the 300-mile-long Benton Mackaye trail or enjoy a wide variety of other close by outings, some of which are highlighted in our Welcome Book.

We have two community areas at Glamp Blue Ridge for you to mingle with the other Glampers if you so please. We had the treeweavers come install a 2-story rope playspace for adults and kids alike. It's really cool. Promise